H        O        S        T         E         L est est  rus rus

A cozy restaurant of Russian cuisine invites you to enjoy delicious food cooked by traditional Russian recipes in a quiet and friendly atmosphere.

Always in our restaurant you can try traditional snacks:
Russian cabbage soup
pancakes with different fillings
Russian ravioli
And also variety of any firm dishes.

We are offering d*hote lunch, d*hote dinner, smorgasbord for the groups..
A menu for the groups we arrange taking into account client's wish.

Restaurant    Restaurant    Restaurant   

HOSTEL “LELL” Partisani 4 21007 Narva ESTONIA
Tel.+372 35 490 09 Tel/faks +372 35 734 60 GSM +372 55 153 76
E-mail: lell@narvahotel.ee